Oak processionary moth on the on the advance

Unfortunately, the oak trees in Dessau-Roßlau, especially in the Vorderer and Hinterer Tiergarten, are particularly heavily infested with the oak processionary moth this year. Due to the acute danger situation, the city has closed the paths in the Tiergarten for safety reasons. This also affects the bike paths that lead through this area.
Here is an overview of how to get around the restricted area:

From Kleutsch guide via L135 to Mildensee, along B185 to Waldersee. In Waldersee optional connection to the original route to the Jagdbrücke, alternatively via B185 to the city center.

From Kornhaus guidance on the alternative route along Leopoldshafen, Beckerbruch, Gänsewall, Plankenlinie. Connection to the original route at the Großmutterbrücke.

Garden Kingdom Tour Prince Franz:
From the east: From Mildensee along B185 to Waldersee and continue toward the city center.

From the southwest:
From Törten along Heidestraße and Franzstraße in the direction of the city center and on in the direction of Waldersee / Mildensee.

Long-distance hiking trail E11:
From Waldersee via Wasserstadt and B185 towards the city center, via Franzstraße and Heidestraße towards the south

From the southwest via Heidestraße and Franzstraße towards the city center and further via B185 and Wasserstadt towards Waldersee

Appropriate signs will be erected at all neuralgic points to guide bicycle tourists accordingly. It cannot be ruled out that the restricted areas will be extended. We will of course keep you informed. Please also note the attached map of the detour routes.

Map with the detour routes as Download.